From way history data, the human knows to lead the sugarcane comes to produce sugar when 1,500 - 500 last year times
     In Thailand that as a result started doing for is exports comes to since Ayutthaya era. Sugar is goods that grows up a pair comes to with building Thailand and now sugarcane is exports that does the income the foreign currency in each year more than 4 ten thousands million bath.
     "Thai Kan Sugar" the initial that villagers and a person in business sugar general use call replace the given name of Thai Kan Sugar Company Ltd., that change be form Sugar Thai Factory Company Ltd., as the name original.
     "Thai Kan Sugar" get enlarge the business for support to build the growth of sugar business and continual business especially energy by the arrangement stands a factory ethanol apply form the molasses and the electric power station where apply form waste cold sores remainder water form the production ethanol lead to take the remainder form the produce the sugar to use the raw material in energy production which required present.
The present business.
• 2005 Buying factory brown sugar business / established Thai Tha Rua Sugar Mill Co.,Ltd which production process that exist the intellect likes local.
• 2006 Established Thai Sugar Ethanol Company Ltd., for produce and sell ethanol and begin the project produces and sell the organic fertilizer (Fah Pra Tan Brand)
• 2007 Established T.S.M. Bio Energy Company Ltd., for produce and sell the electricity be electric power small-sized station (VSPP : Very Small Power Producer) by use the raw material (waste cold sores water) the remainder form the production ethanol goes to apply.
Board of Director
Name Executives
Mrs. Yupa Wongwatanasin Honorary person
Dr. Kanokwan Wongwatanasin Chairperson
Mr.Bundit Wongwatanasin Vice Chairman
Mr.Nopporn Wongwatanasin Managing Director
(Thai Sugar Mill Co.,Ltd.)
Mr.Jetsada Wongwatanasin Managing Director
(Thai Sugar Ethanol Co.,Ltd.)
Mr.Chayant Pravalpathamakul Deputy Managing & Factory Manager
(Thai Sugar Mill Co.,Ltd.)
Thai Sugar Ethanol CO., LTD áԨӵ
Thai Sugar Ethanol CO., LTD áԨѧҹ
T.S.M. Bio Energy CO., LTD áԨͧ
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